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Your Next Accident Is in Your Data - IATA Annual Safety Report

Aviation Safety Update – the IATA Annual Safety Report
Uncover Hidden Dangers: The Power of Your Safety Data

The invaluable insights nestled within your operational data stand as your most potent tool in preempting and mitigating the next potential accident. The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Annual Safety Report for 2024 brings to light critical areas of focus that demand immediate attention. [Read More…]

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Sky-High Negligence: Near-Collision Due to SMS Issues

The Management Mistakes Behind a Near-Collision

Two aircraft pass each other at a minimum separation of 665 ft vertically and 1.5 NM laterally over France.
In a revealing report, the French BEA sheds light on this critical incident, emphasizing the crucial role of effective Safety Management Systems (SMS). [Read More…]

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Why You Should Not Just Copy & Paste the Standard ICAO Safety Policy:

While copying and pasting a standard ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) safety policy, as referenced in ICAO DOC 9859, might seem like a convenient shortcut, it is not advisable. Adapting the policy to your organization is a necessity for several reasons:

➡ Relevance to Your Operations

Every organization has its unique operational context, size, scope, and specific risks. [Read More…]

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Safety Reporting: Are You Getting All the Necessary Reports?

Understanding and addressing the factors leading to a safety occurrence, will prevent a repetition. Unfortunately, studies show, often safety reports are written incompletely or, in the worst case, not at all. [Read More…]

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Are You Monitoring Seasonal Safety Performance Indicators (SPI)?

❄ In November 2023 a Eurowings Airbus A320 landed at Hamburg Airport. During the taxi to the gate, the aircraft slid off the icy taxiway and ended up in the grass. [Read More…]

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