Aviation Safety Culture

What Is Safety Culture?

Safety Culture represents how safety is perceived, valued, and prioritized within an organization. It indicates the true commitment to safety at every level of the organization and has been described as "how an organization behaves when no one is watching."

Safety Culture isn't something that can be obtained or purchased; rather, it is developed through the combined influence of Organizational Culture, Professional Culture, and often, National Culture. 

Consequently, Safety Culture can be positive, negative, or neutral. Its core lies in what individuals believe about the importance of safety, including their perceptions of what their peers, superiors, and leaders genuinely consider as a priority regarding safety.

We offer two key services for you:

✔︎ Safety Culture Quick Check: A document with 18 questions designed to provide a quick overview of your current safety culture.

✔︎ Complete Safety Culture Assessment: A thorough evaluation of your organization's safety culture.

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