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As you know a safety investigation is a thorough and systematic process, which can take a lot of time depending on several factors, including the complexity of the incident, the availability of data and resources, the cooperation of involved parties, and the priorities of the investigating authorities. 

While there is no specific statistical average for the time required for an airline incident or accident investigation, they can range from a few weeks to several months. 

Organizations should strive to complete their investigations as promptly as possible to promote safety improvements in a timely manner. However, the primary focus is on conducting a thorough and comprehensive investigation to identify the causes and contributing factors accurately, rather than rushing to meet a specific timeline. This ensures that safety recommendations are well-founded and effective in preventing future incidents.

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The benefits of an external investigator


There are various reasons to hire external investigators for specific incident investigations for authorities. The benefits of hiring external investigators for an aviation accident investigation bureau include:

✔︎ Expertise & Specialization

✔︎ Additional Resources

✔︎ Increased Investigative Capacity

✔︎ Rapid Response

✔︎ Access to Networks

✔︎ Public Perception & Credibility


Hiring external investigators to conduct an internal investigation offers several benefits to an operator. These benefits include:

✔︎ Independence & Objectivity

✔︎ Expertise & Experience

✔︎ Depth of Investigation

✔︎ Access to Resources

✔︎ Legal & Regulatory Compliance

✔︎ Efficient Resource Allocation

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