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Training and courses are presented in many forms. Mostly they consist of trainers simply delivering a course in front of a more or less engaged audience. This is not our approach:

We believe in a customer-focused, holistic approach. Our training is specifically designed for you and your organization and are tailored to your specific needs

Before delivering a training course we will discuss your requirements and audience, enabling us to adapt the content and thus making sure you receive exactly the outline and duration you asked for.

We offer virtual and in-person training either in English or German on a world-wide basis.

All our courses are guaranteed up-to-date, according to the applicable regulations and upon completion all participants will receive a certificate.

Virtual classroom

Safety Management Systems (SMS)


If you work in aviation or any other high-risk operation you will have heard of Safety Management Systems. However, are you really clear on what Safety Management entails and what can be accomplished with an SMS?

Target Audience

Management, safety staff, basically anybody involved in high-risk operations.

Key Topics

  • Four pillars of SMS
  • Components of a profound SMS
  • Safety Performance Indicators (SPI)
  • Flight Data Monitoring
  • Safety Task Processes
  • Benefits of Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Culture


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Safety Risk Management (SRM)


Safety risk management is a systematic process used in various industries, including aviation, to identify, assess, and mitigate potential hazards and risks. It involves identifying potential safety threats, evaluating their likelihood and consequences, and implementing strategies to reduce or eliminate these risks to ensure the safety of personnel, assets, and the environment.

Target Audience

Safety staff, risk analysts.

Key Topics

  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Risk Matrix and Severity Classification
  • Probability and Consequence Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs)
  • Case Studies and Real-Life Examples
  • Safety Risk Management Tools and Software


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